Dear users,

As the migration phase takes place, we are thrilled to inform you that we will be launching our latest product soon. The DDK Platform is a community platform aiming to create economic opportunity through the development of blockchain solutions. This new and enhanced platform will offer users several benefits/rewards and ease of transactions using Blockchain Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS).

Phase 1. Database Assessment and initial phase migration – WEEK 1


  1. ETPS DNC to migrate successfully to DDK Platform as contract 1:1 migration
  2. Exchange from ‘ADMIN’ ETPS Platform reverse back to user wallet
  3. ‘BUY BACK’ request, ‘EXCHANGE’ to Physical DNC (Dinar) request, pending ‘RESTOCK’ in ETPS Platform reverse back to user wallet
  4. Pending introducer rewards & pending overriding rewards in ETPS Platform reverse back to user wallet
  5. ‘BUY BACK’ request, ‘EXCHANGE’ to Physical DNC (Dinar) request, pending ‘RESTOCK’ in ETPS Platform database migrate successfully to DDK as contract 1:1 migration
  6. Pending introducer rewards & pending overriding rewards in ETPS Platform database migrate successfully to DDK as contract 1:1 migration
  7. Exchange from ‘ADMIN’ ETPS Platform database migrate successfully to DDK as contract 1:1 migration
  8. NEW Pre-Order (6 months) contract for STAKING process successfully transferred to DDK DPOS Blockchain Platform
  9. ETPS-DNC Pre-ICOs database migration process will be reviewed from time to time in DDK DPOS Blockchain Platform

Phase 2. Preparation for the application of migration – WEEK 2


  1. Stakeholders for DDK DPOS Blockchain Platform may view and send feedbacks to a given channel of communication from the Website and Forum for entire ETPS-DNC Pre-ICOs database migrated successfully
  2. Stakeholders will verify the contents of the chain, voice any concern and communicate to support for finding solutions to ensure the Pre-mined allocation were distributed correctly
  3. Upon the completion of the token verification process, a limited number of block producers/Trusted Delegates will be appointed to test the Blockchain prior to making it available to the public
  4. Initial relevant documentations provided to stakeholders and delegates for references such as Whitepaper, Forum Links, Media Social Links, Websites, Delegates Campaign platforms and etc.
  5. Delegates Appointment process is finalized and entire applications and registrations for delegates
  6. Trusted Delegates ready with the nodes and servers registrations with the guideline provided from the group of developers

Phase 3. Actual Migration process and new database environment – WEEK 3


  1. Stakeholders and Delegates is ready for the new environment of DDK DPOS Blockchain Platform new features and functions to start with “Staking” & “Voting” process and activities to the Blockchain network.
  2. Developers may identify incompatible issues in the application code, build and production environment.
  3. Developers may analyse further the DDK DPOS Blockchain components and components relationship on the live environment.
  4. Existing Stakeholders may purchase DDK from two (2) options of registered Global Exchangers and registered Trusted Delegates.
  5. As registered community, you may start to communicate in our channel of communications:
    • DDK Forum
    • DDK live Chat Support

Phase 4. Perform post-migration changes – WEEK 3


  1. Based on the report findings from the prior steps and the desired functionality in the new environment, the developers may imposed the need to change the code in the new environment.
  2. The objective is to ensure the new platform to obtain the same database in the migrated Blockchain environment as found in the original platform.
  3. There are certain manual works needed from the developers due to certain reasons such as database unable to update to their most current version prior to migration, certain features were not upgraded automatically and preparation of the code being migrated prior to the actual migration

Phase 4.1 Test the platform and application - Week 4 (ONLY APPLICABLE FOR TESTING ENVIRONMENT)


  1. Two major tests are being carried out: Security Testing and Software Testing. Third (3rd) parties will need some time to verify that the software performs well. This stage will continue and repeat in the event that a major bug is found.
  2. Some security items, all patched & being verified.
  3. Once the block producers/ Trusted Delegates conclude their tests, the network will be available to stakeholders/tokenholders.
  4. Apart from functional testing, stress, volume, and load tests are carried out to ensure scalability and performance levels are achieved.
  5. Fine tuning and/or optimization is conducted after each round of testing to achieve the desired performance levels.
  6. Following successful testing, the application is released for production. Alternatively, further enhancements are executed based on the business needs for the DDK DPOS Blockchain Platform.
  7. The Block Producers / Trusted Delegates community will release a joint statement once it's safe to vote. Please wait for the community to make an announcement. Voting can begin only after chain is enabled.
  8. The length of this phase will depend on how quickly all the block producers / Trusted Delegates are securely engaged together and how quickly they validate the chain.
  9. The protocol's consensus system DPOS (Delegated proof-of-stake) requires users to first select block producers / Trusted Delegates by voting, which is carried out by 'staking' tokens.
  10. Users with more tokens have more influence in the election of block producers / Trusted Delegates than those with fewer tokens, and 15% (percent) of the network's total tokens must be staked in order for users to kick-off token launching period.
  11. Once 15% of tokens are staked and used to vote, the chain is considered valid and normal functions are activated and 1st Block launching is initiated.
  12. The length of this phase will be as long as it takes for the token-holder community to act.
  13. The 1st DDK Blockchain Explorer will be launch to public and community.
  14. The 1st DDK Desktop Wallet will be launch to public and community.
  15. The 1st DDK Web Wallet will be launch to public and community.



  1. Finally, the moment that have all been working for. After nearly two and a half (2.5) years long development process and community involvement, DDKoin eventually implemented in DDK DPOS Platform! The ideas on a whitepaper are brought to life thanks to all the contribution by a large community of well-wishers!
  2. Ensuring close attention to this final phase and leveraging the knowledge capital of migration team members during this phase reduces risks during the field testing.
  3. We have few channels of communications for stakeholders and Delegates such as 24/7 Forum links, Support Channel with live support, Medial social channels such as twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn and also official DDK Platform Website.
  4. Community may start to exchange with listed Global Exchangers – when its ready in September 2018
  5. Community may start to exchange and store with Wallet to exchange with physical DNC (Dinar) – when its ready in Q4 2018 with partnership of Harimau Mint Gold (Gold distributor)
  6. Community may start to exchange with DNC Web Wallet to stabilize your crypto asset in value of anti-inflation crypto asset
  7. Together we present DDKoin in DDK DPOS Blockchain Platform, a crypto-economic solution for securing life, liberty, property, and democracy token distribution for all. Along with other crypto platforms we move toward the same end goal: Increasing solutions mechanism in Financial Technology and maximizing financial freedom in society.
  8. By empowering the rejuvenation of existing business systems and platform uses, migration offers opportunities that both current and future technologies provide.
  9. DDK Foundation Panel will be transparent to community.
  10. DNC Blockchain Explorer will be launch to public and community.
  11. DNC Web Wallet will be launch to public and community.
  12. Whitepaper DDK will be launch for public and community.

Phase 6. Post-Migration support – WEEK 6 (REFER TO THE LINK ATTACHED)


  2. Any other further communications and official announcement please refer to our official channel of DDKoin Forum, DDK DPOS Web Wallet, DDK Official website and DDK official media social channel.

Please find the attached link below, the DDK Documentation for your kind reference in understanding the New Platform better. Any updated information will be informed to you from time to time.

Your cooperation and understanding in this matter is highly appreciated.

Thank You.